Acute Injuries

Acute Injuries

Acute Injuries Treatment Specialist in New York, NY

Our specialists at Avant Medical Group in New York, NY are experienced in treating acute injuries. Contact us for treatment you care about. We are conveniently located at 233 Broadway Suite 2750 New York, NY 10279. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

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What is considered an acute injury?
Can an acute injury be serious?
What are common acute injuries?
When should you go to a doctor for an acute injury?

Avant Medical Group proudly offers high-quality primary care to patients from New York, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, NY, Harlem, NY, and Greenwich Village, NY. Whether you need an annual check-up, lab testing, or care for an acute injury, we are here for you and your medical needs. As a primary care clinic, we are fortunate to be staffed with an amazing group of medical professionals who are specialized in various fields. One of the most common reasons people schedule an appointment outside of their yearly checkups is for acute injuries. But what exactly are acute injuries? Are they serious? What can our clinic do to treat them? That’s what we’re here to answer! Continue reading to learn all about acute injury care and treatment.

What is considered an acute injury?

Acute injuries are heavily associated with sports because they tend to happen when someone twists a joint or accidentally falls down. If you have ever played basketball, soccer, football, or any other contact sport, you have likely experienced one or more acute injuries. Unlike chronic injuries, acute injuries are sudden and often caused by quick movements. Sometimes this type of injury can be treated at home with rest, ice, and elevation; however, more serious cases will need to be assessed by a primary care physician.

Can an acute injury be serious?

Yes! Although minor sprains, fractures, and twisted ankles won’t cause lifelong damage, many acute injuries can. Unfortunately, they can be traumatic and end a professional sports career. More serious acute injuries such as serious breaks or snapped ligaments will take a long time to fully recover. If you are suffering from a serious acute injury, go to an emergency room right away! Signs that shouldn’t be ignored under any circumstances include:
– Visible deformities
– Severe swelling
– Intense pain
– Cracking or popping sounds
– Fever
– Dizziness
– Fainting
– Trouble breathing
– Inability to put any weight or touch on the injured area

What are common acute injuries?

Common acute injuries include torn meniscus, broken bones, torn ACL, sprains, rotator cuff tears, and more. Here are the four acute injuries saw the most:


Concussions are one of the most dangerous acute injuries caused by traumatic force to the head. A repeated history of concussions can lead to serious brain damage. If you experience a blow to the head, talk to your doctor about any abnormal memory loss, dizziness, pain, or incoordination.

Dislocated Shoulder

Dislocated shoulders can usually be popped right back in. They are a common acute injury in contact sports that do need to be looked at by a doctor. It is not advised to try and pop a dislocated shoulder in on your own. Setting it wrong will cause permanent, serious damage. Other areas that can be dislocated include kneecaps, fingers, and elbows.


Muscle sprains occur when a ligament is torn or stretched. Usually, this will cause a joint to move into the wrong position making the sprained area very painful. Wrist sprains, knee sprains, and ankle sprains are the most common and should be checked by a doctor.


Fractures are small cracks in the bone caused by overuse of force. These can be incredibly painful and can cause swelling and tenderness to the surrounding area. Acute fractures need to be looked at and x-rayed due to the risk of serious infection.

When should you go to a doctor for an acute injury?

All acute injuries should be seen by a primary care physician or emergency room doctor. Even minor injuries can turn into more serious ones if not treated properly. Your doctor will be able to conduct a physical exam, x-ray, and assessment for further treatment if necessary.

Avant Medical Group specializes in acute injury treatment and can help you throughout your entire recovery. We are here to support you from initial diagnosis all the way to the end! Give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have and schedule you in with one of our specialists.

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