Annual Physical

Annual Physical

Do you need to get your annual physical? The medical professionals at Avant Medical Group, provide annual physicals in order to help prevent health issues. For more information call us or book an appointment online at Avant Medical Group in New York, NY. We are conveniently located at 233 Broadway Suite 2750 New York, NY 10279.

Table of Content:

What is an annual physical examination?
What is the benefit of an annual physical?
How do you prepare for an annual physical?

Health is incredibly important and essential to living a good quality of life, but it can also be easy to ignore until the problem is blatantly obvious and interferes with our day-to-day living. In order to prevent this from happening, it is suggested to see the doctor at least once a year, which is known as an annual physical. These health exams can help detect the early signs of medical conditions that, if treated early, can be easily managed and even completely ameliorated. If these signs are ignored, they can develop into full-blown health conditions that can last an entire lifetime.

What is an annual physical examination?

An annual physical exam is an essential part of each person’s healthcare services. There is no standardized test for yearly physical exams, so the actual contents of one can vary from practice to practice. Some doctors may be thorough or brief, however, it is important that they spend time listening to each patient’s concerns and provide counseling and education for their particular complaints and risk factors.

Annual exams may consist of:

– Health History — This part of the exam is the perfect opportunity to talk about any health complaints or areas of concern. The doctor will also likely ask the patient about lifestyle behaviors like smoking, alcohol use, illicit substances, sexual health, diet, and exercise. They will likely also review vaccinations and update personal and family medical history.

– Vital Signs — Doctors may check the patient’s:

– Blood pressure
– Heart rate
– Respiration rate
– Temperature

– General Appearance — Doctors also gather a wealth of information from how the patient talks and presents themselves. This can include mental acuity, skin health, and cleanliness.

.– Exams — They may also perform several exams, including:

– Heart Exam
– Lung Exam
– Head and Neck Exam
– Abdominal Exam
– Neurological Exam
– Dermatological Exam
– Extremities Exam

What is the benefit of an annual physical?

There are many benefits that annual physicals provide, mainly:

Assessing Overall Health — With a routine physical exam, doctors can fully examine a patient’s total body health, from forehead to feet. This can provide invaluable information about a person’s health and give insight into what conditions may be occurring in the background.

Updating Vaccinations — Staying up-to-date with vaccinations is one of the easiest ways to prevent a number of different diseases, such as hepatitis B, polio, measles and mumps.

Screening for Chronic Diseases — Chronic diseases are the number one cause of health problems in the United States, including diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. By assessing risk factors for these diseases, doctors can help keep Americans healthy and massively reduce healthcare costs.

Addressing Health Concerns — An annual physical is the perfect time for patients to tell their doctor about their current health concerns. These can be consistent symptoms, or temporary bouts of general unease, and anything in between. Some people may not think that their symptoms are too serious, so they may avoid booking an appointment with the doctor; annual physicals eliminate this worry and present the patient with a great opportunity to talk about their health.
How do you prepare for an annual physical?

To prepare for an annual physical, it may be suggested to:

– Write down current medications you take
– Write down any symptoms you are experiencing
– Bring results from any recent tests
– Update medical and surgical history
– Ask additional questions you would like answered

Come to Avant Medical Group for your next annual physical! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced providers of annual physicals and can help you stay on top of your health! To book an appointment for an annual physical, call our office today or visit our clinic conveniently located at 233 Broadway Suite 2750, New York, NY 10279. Our office is open eight hours a day, five days a week: Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We serve patients from New York NY, Brooklyn NY, Manhattan NY, Harlem NY, and Greenwich Village NY. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online. We look forward to serving you!

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